The Limited Mileage Podcast

Plug in and choose your adventure! Producer and musician Greg Hoy interviews makers, creatives, musicians, business owners, and DIY addicts from his travels all around humanity. Stories of success, moments of regret, tales of intrigue, and practical advice on how to live a fulfilling existence while keeping your sanity in a world gone mad. Each episode features the 'Grateful 8-full'.

Won’t You Beam, My Neighbor?

Greg Hoy chats with Johnny 'MF' Davis, owner & general badass at Bender's Bar and Grill in San Francisco, California, on being a great neighbor, curating a fantastic live music venue, and choosing the proper back for a shot of whiskey. 

Why is LA So Hard?

Greg Hoy chats with musician, tastemaker, and business owner Natalie Sweet of Bunny's LA about following the muse, building a brand, and debunking the myth of the starving artist.

How to Use This Podcast

On the debut episode of the Limited Mileage podcast, Greg talks about getting the most from this podcast, expecting greatness from future episodes, and starting a new diet. Please note: this episode contains chewing sounds (TRIGGER WARNING* for sufferers of Misophonia).

A Meditation on Renovation

Greg Hoy interviews reality show star, captain, and home improvement guru Torie Smith in Fort Collins, Colorado, on prioritizing to find the north star, taking the biggest risks, and being fearless in deciding to do it yourself.


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